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08 August 2008 @ 12:16 pm
Name: Amy :)
Age: 14
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Music, Singing, Reading, Writing, Fun With Friends (:
Motto/Saying: What is to give light must first endure burning
Favorite FTI pairing/s: ooh, they all look cute together.
Other Favorite Fandom/s: ASIAN DRAMAS. i used to be obsessed with twilight, but not so much anymore...now its mostly just asian boybands, mostly, and then other asian artists, and asian dramas. :)
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: Cpop: Fahrenheit, Big Bang, DBSK, Mario, Super Junior, Epik High, Se7en, Rainie Yang, BoA, SHE, Jay Chou, Ayumi Sshi, Arashi, Angela Chang, Ariel Lin,
English: Everything from The Academy is, Atreyu, American Hi-Fi, Angels and Airwaves, ALL THE WAY to The Wallflowers, Within Temptation, Yellowcard, Yiruma, 3 Doors Down, and 98 Degrees. That's right, i'm really a music freak.
Favorite Pairing/s: heheh, say what? ._.
Favorite Song/s: About my whole entire iTunes library.
Favorite Celebrity Moment: Something to do with Fahrenheit or FT Island, of course.
Anything else?: I am really against anti's, and I REALLY REALLY WANT FT ISLAND TO COME TO CANADA. 
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20 July 2008 @ 10:45 pm
Name: Claudine (I'm known as Ayu too. :D)
Age: 14
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Listening to music, Reading/Writing Fanfiction, Playing Guitar, Searching for F.T. Island pictures (Hehe, x3), Sleeping, Running, Drawing, Photoshop, Going out
Motto/Saying: I can sleep ANYWHERE and ANYTIME! :D (I don't know if that's a motto but it is my saying. xD) or Min Hwan is the CUTEST! (Hehe. x3)

Other favorite FT island member/s: MIN HWAN! <3 and All of them! :D
Favorite FTI pairing/s: Uuuhh, I don't know... They're all adorable. ^_^
Other Favorite Fandom/s: YUI and Hey! Say! JUMP ♥
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: YUI, Hey! Say! JUMP, F.T. Island (Hehe, obviously... x3) and many more~ :D I'm too lazy to put them all. xD
Favorite Pairing/s: Tegomass and Yamajima :3
Favorite Song/s: Too many! xD
Favorite Celebrity Moment: Anything that involves Min Hwan! He's just sooo cute! ^w^
Anything else?: I have the same birthday as Won Bin and YUI. Haha. xD And... MIN HWAN IS SO CUTE~! :3
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30 May 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Annyeong everyone! So I finally got the time to tell you this. Everyon'es familiar that this is a community, right? That means everyone should post, not only the mods, since that'd be really awkward. Plus, you don't want to see minhwanie_love  in the interests search with "last updated 2648237489748237452 weeks" beside it right? I'm saying that you could just go ahead and post anything in you want! May it be pictures, icons, videos, anything! I mean, imagine if someone who loves Minhwan so much and is so deprives stumbles upon this comm! It'd be like helping one another and spreading the love right? So pwease to post? Pretty pwease? ♥
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30 April 2008 @ 10:03 pm
Hello, my name is Sophie and I'm your new mod :D In short (because I don't like to get into too much detail), I fix up the graphics and tidy up the community. You might have noticed that we have a new header and a tweaked sidebar (I basically added hangul and made it prettier-looking ;D)~

Anyways, here's a more in-depth introduction:
Under the cut~Collapse )
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21 April 2008 @ 11:14 am
Hi-hi people! I was wondering if anyone here could help me mod? One who is good in graphics, layouts, icons, banners, etc? Please if anyone knows someone who has the following characteristics, please tell me or reply in this post:

1. Loves Minhwan
2. Is good in graphics
3. Can help handle the community?

If anyone canhelp me, it'll be deeply appreciated. Thanks! :)
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20 April 2008 @ 09:41 pm
well, as the wifey of my ah-dorable minhwannie, gotta introduce myself =P heheeheeee
(anyone can dreaaaam)

Name: raisa (aka mrs.juju)
Age: 15

Location: indonesia
Occupation: student, crafter, but mostly gotta take care of minhwan. duh so obsessive.

Hobbies: read, craft, arts, music, listening to music, but mostly FANGIRLISM. hoho
Motto/Saying: idk. marry him? XD

Other favorite FT island member/s: choi junghoon. but minhwan mani mani mani mani mani mani mani mani mani mani mani nomu nomu nomu nomu minhwan saranghae. XD

Favorite FTI pairing/s: ohmy. nooooooooot in this life. hahahahahah i prefer them with normal lives thanks XD

Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: TVXQ, J, Lyn, VOS, SG-W... i forgot the rest currently.

Favorite Song/s: currently 나 이젠, 사랑하는 법을 몰라서, 사랑한 만큼, RAINBOW!!!!!!!

Anything else?
case u guys wondered how i got 'juju', it was derived from minhwan's weird nick, saojung (hmmm) so i just took the "ju" and doubled it up ;)
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19 April 2008 @ 02:48 pm
Name: Linh
Age: 15 since April 13th
Location: California
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Reading, writing, fangirling, singing
Motto/Saying: "Who needs a social life when there's fandom?" Okay, not really. I don't have a motto/saying because I'm pretty lame. D:

Other favorite FT island member/s: Wonbin
Favorite FTI pairing/s: Wonbin x Minhwan :D
Other Favorite Fandom/s: Super Junior & Dong Bang Shin Ki
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: Groups I like are the above mentioned and Cho Shin Sung, Wonder Girls, Anyband, Ajoo, Jewelry, Battle, etc. For SJ, I enjoy ALL subgroups. 8D I'm a major Henry fan, too.
Favorite Pairing/s: DBSK - JaeMin; SJ - YeWook, RyeoMin, YeMin, KyuMin, etc. I enjoy most SJ pairings. However, I am rather biased with Yesung, Ryeowook, and Sungmin.
Favorite Song/s: For this, I'll just stick with my favorite F.T songs. It's too difficult with multiple groups. ^^; Lovesick, Cling, Meeting, First Kiss, Until You Return, FT Island, They Said To Stop, and Primadonna.
Favorite Celebrity Moment: This is way too hard. *dies* Any involving SJ, DBSK, or F.T
Anything else? I'm rather dorky. x) & I love making friends. ♥
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20 April 2008 @ 09:52 am

Name: Ruiqi :D
Age: 13 (Going on 14)
Location: Asia, Singapore.
Occupation: Studentxzxzxz.
Hobbies: Hmmmmm, there’s so many. Listening to songs, Browsing through pictures, Reading magazines, and shouting, MINHWAN! Each time I see Ft island. Photography, Videos, Beach, Snoopy, Rainbows, All amuses me. :D
Motto/Saying: Pain is only temporary, but glory is forever. (:

Other favorite FT island member/s: MINHWAN! <3
Favorite FTI pairing/s: Almost every is alrighttttt. (:
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: FT island; Super Juniors; DBSK, BigBang, (And some asian singers.)
Favorite Song/s: All Fti, Suju & Bigbang songs.

I don’t really ship things a lot, (compared to those who post before me) But I really like FTI :D I’m a Chinese, So add me yeah! I like the colour yellow, and I think Minhwan is as sexy as hell. (:


-Some how, my moodthemes are not working. Can anyone help? ): -Thanks!

That's all. Add me @dramatizedlove.lj please!

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19 April 2008 @ 01:39 pm
HI! :D!

Age: 15 :D
Location: CA, USA \:D/
Occupation: Student (Sophomore in HS ^o^)
Hobbies: Listening to music, fangirling (mostly over NEWS/Tegoshi~ HOMG 8D; ♥) , online shopping 8Dv, and stalking pretty (Japanese) boys. :D ♥ (especially the Japanese high school soccer player guys~ THEY'RE HOT 8D;) lol -shot-
Motto/Saying: "Dondake~?!" and "MKY~" (maji de kuuki yomenai) XD

Other favorite FT island member/s: Jaejin<3
Favorite FTI pairing/s: Minhwan/Jaejin~ they kinda remind me of TegoMass XD; (don't ask, I can't really explain ^^;;)
Other Favorite Fandom/s: JE (Johnny's Entertainment) 8Dv
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: NEWS, TegoMass, AAA, ayaka, Kanjani8, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Aoyama Thelma, Utada Hikaru, GReeeeN, Ikimonogakari, Tohoshinki (I like Jpop, if you can't tell :3)
Favorite Pairing/s: TegoMass ♥ , RyoTego, pretty much Tego x everyone in NEWS XD; But those two are my favorite :]
Favorite Song/s: Currently SUMMER TIME by NEWS, Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru, and Last Letter by Aoyama Thelma
Favorite Celebrity Moment: Any involving TegoMass is my favorite<333
Anything else? Feel free to add me :D (Just comment on the FO Post) Especially if you love NEWS and/or Tegoshi Yuya ♥, or if we have anything in common. ^^ I'm a nice person~ just don't piss me off and you'll be fine ;3 and lastly, NEWS = LIFE ♥ 8D lol xD
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19 April 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Name: Hanna, but call me Seagull
Age: 15, will be 16 this year (THE SAME AS MINHWAN <3)
Location: Sweden
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Music, Asia, asian dramas, more music and asian guys XD
Motto/Saying: I don't really have one XD

Other favorite FT island member/s: MINHWAN *___* and WonBin oppa~ <33
Favorite FTI pairing/s: MinBin <3 and MinHoon and MinJin okey, every MinHwan pairing that's not with HongKi (he's the one I like the least XD)
Other Favorite Fandom/s: SM TOWN *__* <333 Hello!Project (japanese) and JE (japanese) XD
Favorite Band/s or Singer/s: So Nyuh Shi Dae <3333, Super Junior, DBSK, Wondergirls, SS501, A'st1, Big Bang, Epik High
Favorite Pairing/s: TaeFany (SNSD), YuSica (SNSD), JaeHo (DBSK), KangTeuk (SuJu), HyoSun (SNSD), MinYoung (SNSD/SuJu), HyukSu (SuJu/DBSK)
Favorite Song/s: Have to many, but at the moment it's "One" with Epik High
Favorite Celebrity Moment: 23 of december, I fell in love with So Nyuh Shi Dae <3333
Anything else?I think I'm Sweden's biggest So Nyuh Shi Dae fan and *thinks* I'm just crazy and talks to much XD
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