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18 October 2008 @ 11:31 am
icon contest  

hey guys
we have a new icon contest/challenge. one of the themes of the icon challenge will be FT Island icons.

here's the rules, etc.

{How do I participate?
  1. Join the Community for Posting Acccess.
  2. Look at Rules, etc. before posting/participating!
  1. From the day which you decide you will start making your icons, you will have until December 31st to finish all of your icons. This means thtat the faster you decide to start, the sooner your will finish. I believe that 3 months is a very adequate time frame. Feel free to submit your work ahead of time.
  2. You will make a minimum but not capped number of 50 icons. Every batch of icons must include the following subjects: SHINee, DBSK, Big Bang, FT Island, and Super Junior. The number of icons you include for every subject are flexible, and you may include your choice of other icons as well. You may choose to make more than 50 icons.
  3. If you want an extension, then please ask.
  4. When posting, please include your subject and how many icons you have completed. In the tags area, please write "!iconcontest" so it is easier for us to sort out.
  5. They must be original and your own work :)
{Once you are done
  1. The community will vote for 1 batch of icons that they liked the most. Please only vote once, this makes it easier for us.
  2. Each participant, once they have completed their work, will get a banner made by the administrators (me, flumina, hopestarwrites) with the message of their choice and xx/50 icons completed.
  3. We will tally up the votes at the end of the contest/challenge, and the top 3 icon-makers will get their choice of: a special winner banner or wallpaper. :)
Thanks for the Support, and we hope you have FUN!

if you guys are interested in participating, please join here @ komawoyo 

thanks again :)